Ring gaskets & flanges

Our Ring Gaskets are manufactured to API 6A specifications and are a perfect companion to our line of high-pressure products. We carry gaskets in a variety of styles: R, RX, and BX. R&S Oilfield carry a wide variety of API 6A Companion, Blind, Weld neck, BHTA, and Weco flanges. We keep stock on hand to fit all of our client’s needs and demands.

Available in • 4130 • A105/A350-LF2 • Stainless Steel

High-pressure flanges

R&S Oilfield, inc. offers high-pressure flanges manufactured according to design tables in API 6a 21st edition. Flanges currently offered include weld necks, companions, and blinds. Common uses include, choke kill manifold, Christmas tree, frac stack, and fabrication. Contact us for more information

Products Dimensions

API Pessure RatingFlange Size & BoreRing Gasket# of StudsDiameterLength
5000 lb2 1/16"R-24RX-2487/8"4 5/8"
2 9/16"R-27RX-2781"5 1/8"
3 1/8"R-35RX-3581 1/8"5 5/8"
4 1/16"R-39RX-3981 1/4"6 1 /8”
5 1/8"R-44RX-4481 1/2"7 3/8"
7 1/16"R-46RX-46121 3/8"7 1/2"
10,000 lb1 13/16"BX-15183/4"3 3/4"
2 1/16"BX-15283/4"3 7/8"
2 9/16"BX-15387/8"4 3/8"
3 1/16"BX-15481"5"
4 1/16"BX-15581 1/8"5 3/4"
5 1/8"BX-169121 1/8"6"
7 1/16"BX-156121 1/2"7 3/4"
15,000 LB1 13/16"BX-15187/8"4 1/8"
2 1/16"BX-15287/8"4 3/8"
2 9/16"BX-15381"4 7/8"
3 1/16"BX-15481 1/8"5 1/2"
4 1/16"BX-15581 3/8"6 1/2"
5 1/8"BX-169121 1/2"7 5/8"
7 1/16"BX-156161 1/2"8 3/8"

Ring gaskets

R&S Oilfield, inc. offers RTJ ring gaskets, manufactured to the following industry standards, api 6a 21st edition and nace/mr1075. For reliable bolting and proper sealing, R&S offers forged ring gaskets that outlast most others currently offered. R&S Oilfield, inc. stocks r-type, bx-type, rx-type and rc-type ring gaskets. Contact us for more information.

Weco flanges

R&S Oilfield, inc. offers high-pressure weco flanges manufactured to industry standards including but not limited to nace/mr1075. Weco flanges currently offered range in size from 1-13/16” – 5-1/8” and pressures ranging from 5000psi to 15,000psi. Common uses include, choke kill manifold, frac stack and fabrication. Contact us for more information.